25th  Annual UM Grizzly Triathlon Rules

These rules must be adhered to or you will be disqualified:

  1. No Support teams allowed on any portion of the Bike course.
  2. No Support teams allowed in the transition area.
  3. No drafting allowed in the cycling portion of the triathlon.
  4. Runners must have their race number pinned clearly on the front of the garment they plan on wearing across the finish line. The runner on team entries must wear the race number.
  5. All cyclist must wear a helmet.
  6. No headphones allowed on bike course.
  7. All cyclist must rack their own bikes between the bike and run transition, unless otherwise directed. Do not simply throw your bike down. Race volunteers are not provided to rack participants bikes.
  8. For triathlon teams, a simple hand touch is required in the transition area between incoming and outgoing team members. A team transitions area will be designated to facilitate the hand touch.
  9. Bikers and runners must reach and pass their respective turn around points in order to be checked off by race volunteers. Failure to reach either one of the turn-arounds will result in disqualification. The turn-arounds are well marked and will be staffed with obvious race volunteers. Water and radio communications will be available at both turn-around points.

As a courtesy please perform the following:

  1. If you withdraw from the triathlon for any reason, contact the nearest race official. All racers must be accounted for before volunteers can leave there positions. Also, failure to report withdrawals from the race will delay the results process and awards ceremony.

Important swim rules:

  1. Swimming heats start exactly on the hour or half hour. If the 1000 yard swim is not completed in the allotted 30 minutes (or 20 in the later heats) by participants in the first eleven heats you will be asked to exit the pool and will be ineligible to receive any age group awards.
  2. Heats start promptly. Warm ups will be allowed between heats only when the last swimmer from the prior heat has finished their swim. Warm up time will decrease as the race progresses and dry land is encouraged for racers in later heats.

Just so you Know:

  1. No changes possible in starting times. Show up at least 25 minutes early for your heat. Failure to do so will cause you to forfeit your race slot.
  2. All race volunteers will be wearing triathlon hats or race vests.
  3. Remember to clear your bike and gear from the transition area after you have completed your race.
  4. If it is cold, please take precautions to dress warmer than usual during the bike leg. Hypothermia has been an issue in the past and can be again. If you suspect that you or someone else becomes hypothermic, please see the first aid person who will be at the Grizzly Pool all day
  5. The Hellgate Amatuer Radio Club will be at both turnarounds, and at other strategic points on the course. If you need any assistance, find one of these folks and they can radio for the needed help.